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                      Through 13C Consulting Nick Moore acts as a                          critical friend, assisting charities, social

                  enterprises and housing associations to

                  achieve growth, build sustainability and

                  maximise their impact.


With 15 years in commercial business planning and customer-facing roles preceding 10 years as a senior charity leader, he brings a dynamic

combination of skills, experiences, insights and learning.

Nick is passionate about working alongside organisations, enabling them to develop and improve their performance and helping them to focus afresh on the strategic plans necessary to fulfil their purpose. He is particularly skilled in the effective use of people, financial and property resources to achieve organisational objectives with a specific interest in exercising entrepreneurship to deliver social change. Many of his projects include elements of property development and the use of property in building thriving communities.

From 2018 to July 2022 he was a part-time Associate Lecturer on the MA in Charity Management programme at St Mary's University, Twickenham, convening modules on Charity Governance and Social Entrepreneurship. This enabled him to expand his knowledge of various models, thinking and approaches, plus to develop his skills in mentoring and knowledge transfer. He sees the increased blurring of the lines between charities, social enterprise and responsible businesses as an incredible opportunity for organisations in all sectors to explore new approaches to securing income and maximising the successful pursuit of their mission. 

With a background in export sales, logistics and brand redesign within the global drinks industry, leading numerous strategic review and re-organisation processes and oversight of major property and system implementation projects he brings a wealth of perspectives suitable for all organisational types and cultures.

Nick has undertaken strategic trustee/director roles in three vastly different charities and social enterprises enabling him to bring insights and wisdom from both professional and non-executive viewpoints. A common theme of his non-executive work is an ethical approach to investments and within business.

In 2016 he gained an MA in Charity Management with Distinction, cementing his wide-ranging hands-on leadership experience with foundational academic research and knowledge. He is a regular contributor to Charity Finance magazine, wrote the headline blog for Charity Finance Week 2022 on charities and the cost-of-living crisis and is a speaker at sector-wide events.

Nick is a member of the Consultants for Good community and holds Supporter Membership of Social Enterprise UK. He is an accredited consultant member of the Power to Change Open Framework and an Associate within the Philanthropy Company NetworkNick is part of ROBIN (Responsible Oxfordshire Business Involvement Network) and collaborates with a range of other trusted professionals, enabling him to access complimentary skills and knowledge in order to deliver the optimum service.


If you would like a conversation about how Nick can assist you, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact tab.

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